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    Pivot Pod Grip For Heavy Duty
    Pivot Pod Grip For Heavy Duty in hand
    Pivot Pod Grip For Heavy Duty Attached
    Action shot of  the Pivot Pod Grip For Heavy Duty
    Part #: BPP GRIP

    Pivot Pod Grip

    • Made Of: Poly+Alum
    • Picatinny
    • Weight (grams): 250.0
    • measurements
      Height Max (cm) : 15.3


    One of our most demanded products. Provides
    a solid and comfortable forearm grip,
    combined with drawn and pivot pods.
    Highly recommended for stability and moving
    targets. Very effective in reducing the breath

    → Sturdy mechanism, spring and pods.
    → Extremely reliable in rough conditions,
    such as mud, sand and rain.
    → Easily to mounts onto Picatinny rails with
    a thumb nut.
    → Pods are easily opened by a simple push
    thumb button. Two fingers are used to
    push and lock it back.
    → 140° pivoting – once lifting the pods,
    automatically set back to centre.
    → The bottom surface is made of solid rubber
    to avoid slipping.
    → Equally made for left/right handed users.
    → #BPP: Pods made of polymer with metal


    Height Open (cm): 20.4
    Height Closed (cm): 15.3