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  • CAA RONI® Pistol Carbine Conversion

    Part #: RONI

    RONI® Pistol Carbine Conversion

    • Made Of: Poly+Alum
    • Beretta, CZ, Glock, H&K, Sig Sauer, Springfield XD, Armscore / Rock Island Armory, Jericho, Bersa Thunder, Bul Cherokee
    • Weight (grams): 1,400.0
    • measurements
      Width Max (cm) : 6.5
      Height Max (cm) : 14.0
      Length Max (cm) : 47.0


    The RONI provides you a better grip, stability and platform to many accessories. Now you can use your pistol for an increased range, faster sight acquisition, and better accuracy.

    → No pistol disassembly required, just place firearm into pistol carbine chassis
    → Upper flattop rail, allows combinations of sight, magnifier and/or night vision
    → Three Picatinny rails for additional accessories
    → Accepts suppressor, up to 35.5mm diameter
    → Includes a detachable folding forearm grip, rear magazine holder and safety-lever for the trigger’s guard
    → Some pistol models require an intergrated rail
    → Specifications can be slightly different between pistol models
    → Ambidextrous trigger-guard safety
    → Ambidextrous, easy and fast charging handle


    RONI® Measurements

    → Width: 2.55"

    → Height: 5.5"

    Length: 18.5"